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Radical Ryder = A Highly Modified G2

  1. View attachment 683
    This build is from an old 1914 idea from my home town -- The Owego Cyclecar View attachment 684

    View attachment 685
    I used a Yamaha Virago motorcycle frame for my steering column and Vin number. It is built on the remains of a 8? G2 frame. From there it just keeps getting better
  2. Damn, that is some extreme coolness. Thanks for sharing, Shepard. Hopefully you keep us updated on the progress.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I had to move the swing arm back 8 inches so the 25" tires would clear the frame.

    DSCN5870.JPG DSCN5898.JPG

    Because this is going to be a street legal ride - tires - rims - brakes are DOT approved.

    This is my wife and my best friend. She helps me do everything. Its sitting on its wheels and we have a rolling frame. The front suspension is completely adjustable for caster - camber and toe. I've read so much on front steering and suspension, one of the biggest issues with ALL the front kits or lift kits is they have limited adjustments. Caster is very important as it causes the suspension to come back straight from a turn. It must be equal or the same on both sides.

    Attached Files:

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  5. The front brakes are from Jake's. DSCN5877.JPG DSCN5878.JPG

    DSCN5923.JPG The front was a kit from Jake's - calipers and pads they use are from WilWood Performance Brakes. I researched all the WilWood info I could find and I have the mating calipers for the rear with a parking brake. DSCN5950.JPG DSCN6078.JPG I made the caliper supports - bought the rear WilWood calipers from Speedway Performance. I got a hardware kit from Jake's and made my rear studs to fit.
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  6. DSCN6251.JPG To finish the brakes I used a WilWood Tandem master cylinder matched to this system. The brake light switch is located in the upper banjo bolt.
  7. i've read/seen some guys puting a speedo in thier cart is that something you are goine to do ?
    i use my phone gps speeedo
  8. Awesome work, Shepard! Can’t wait to see the final assembly.
  9. This is what I'll be using. It's a GPS speedometer with an external antenna that can be mounted on the roof. GPS Speedometer.jpg
  10. DSCN6269.JPG DSCN6273.JPG DSCN6246.JPG Being I call it a "cyclecar" I've used as much motorcycle parts as possible. My "dashboard or control center is a pair of handlebar switches mounted so it can be reached with your right hand. It has an 18 amp charging system and uses UT2 digital ignition and flywheel.
  11. that cut off switch is a good idea
  12. Makes it safe to work on the electrical system without wrenching a battery cable off the battery
  13. I added your project to the garage section of the forum. I also added the images in the rest of the thread to the "General Information" tab. You can edit this area at any time to add updates. The cover image which you can change at any time will appear in the widgets on the forum home page. The thread cover images above can be changed once you reach the specific post count too.
  14. looking good

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