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Radical Ryder = A Highly Modified G2

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-- The Owego Cyclecar
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I used a Yamaha Virago motorcycle frame for my steering column and Vin number. It is built on the remains of a 8? G2 frame. From there it just keeps getting better

702-d68928aa303421e09e6ba26391d8eeb8.jpg DSCN5877.JPG DSCN5878.JPG DSCN5884.JPG DSCN5898.JPG DSCN5923.JPG DSCN5950.JPG DSCN6078.JPG DSCN6246.JPG DSCN6251.JPG DSCN6269.JPG DSCN6273.JPG DSCN5919.JPG

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