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DS No reverse

Discussion in 'Club Car' started by Numbers624, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Ok need some help I have a 98 CC DS 48 volt
    I replaced and upgraded the motor, F&R switch, solenoid, controller, wires, and v-glide
    The v-glide came with wires sticking out the old one was connected to a 6 pin connection spoke with BU tech and I believe I have it wired right
    I got help before on wiring the controller thank you very much my question is the old controller had 3 small wire connections numbered 123 the new one has J1 J2 J3 so I assumed they connected the same is that right?
    So now I have no reverse when the F&R switch is in reverse I do have the buzzer but the wheels no turn also when in forward it seems I have to press the pedal down further than before to get the wheels to turn
    Sorry for the long post
  2. #2 crash test dummy, Apr 21, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2020
    check micro switches

    click to enlarge
    color diagram 98 48 v MOCR TYPE
  3. Also I should add that the solenoid does click on when the pedal is pushed in when in reverse
  4. #4 crash test dummy, Apr 22, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2020
    sorry i missed the v-glide part here is your wiring diagram


    check the the F/R switch if you are getting click then the F/R switch is not engaging correctly check to make sure the cables are tight and making contact wit lugs in F/R switch
    also you need a jumper on the bottom 2 cables (A1) like this

    it can be a cable or a brass plate

  5. when in forward it seems I have to press the pedal down further than before to get the wheels to turn
    that would be the V-glide it has resistors so it is your imagination or you mixed up the wires check wires
  6. Ok thanks
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