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EMMR Convention ~ Track Time

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Just some pics I took @ the EMMR track time where participants drove their buggies around the track at 1/4 speed. Still fast enough to kick up some dust though. The museum never updated the safety standards for the track citing lack of money for upgrades. Added a couple video clips as well but I didn't have much space on my camera card.

IMG_3318.jpg IMG_3319.jpg IMG_3320.jpg IMG_3321.jpg IMG_3322.jpg IMG_3323.jpg IMG_3324.jpg IMG_3325.jpg IMG_3326.jpg IMG_3327.jpg IMG_3328.jpg IMG_3329.jpg IMG_3330.jpg IMG_3331.jpg IMG_3332.jpg IMG_3333.jpg IMG_3343.jpg IMG_3344.jpg IMG_3345.jpg IMG_3346.jpg IMG_3347.jpg IMG_3348.jpg IMG_3349.jpg IMG_3350.jpg IMG_3351.jpg IMG_3354.jpg IMG_3355.jpg IMG_3357.jpg IMG_3358.jpg IMG_3359.jpg IMG_3360.jpg IMG_3363.jpg IMG_3313.jpg IMG_3315.jpg IMG_3316.jpg IMG_3317.jpg

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