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39 Chevy Coupe

Chevy Coupe
Transmision Type
Build type
Bolt-On mods
Retro gasser 3gal gas tank bolted to front bumper
Tires / Rims
remington bias-ply L78-15 wide white-walls on stock rims with moon-disc hub caps
Engine - cu. in.
455 cu. in. oldsmobile
1/4mile timeslip
11.353sec @ 117.72sec

General Information

A lil something I inherited from my father. 39 Chevy Coupe with 455 cu in mopar engine. All steel body, moon disks with wide white-walls. The finished look will resemble an old retro gasser.

Looking to get it finished and would like to do some of the work myself. Will add more pics when it's not raining and can back it out of garage. Would like help to install the door window mechanisms. I have all the hardware and glass, just need a head start from someone in the know.

image1.JPG image2.JPG image3.JPG

finally has come home and all in 1 color with new headlamps, front gas tank bolt-on, made the hood all 1-piece(no more louvres) and all new slightly tinted glass.

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