rough ride

i have a 2019 ezgo valor i bought new, only use it on the golf course, it has a 2 inch lift .... this is the roughest riding cart i have ever owned...i am running 8.5 lbs in turf tires... how can i soften the ride...can i lower this cart and make it ride better....any help is appreciated...can i buy softer leaf springs....

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OK you can go with a duel spring set up ... the lift is a stock lift with heavy duty springs
Standard duty leaf provides a comfortable, factory-style ride with 2 passengers, while the heavy duty helper leaf kicks in when needed to handle cargo or extra passengers.
amazon duel springs
sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you....been working alot of overtime....i made an executive decision and decided to cut off the bottom 2 leaf springs....what a difference it made...rides so much better

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