Pure Black Model / 4 seater / brand new / 28mph / 4kw motor


Motor: 4kw/5kw 48V AC Motor
Controller: Enpower400A
Battery: 150AH/48V AGM Lead-acid or 105AH/48V Lithium
Warranty: 1 year
Max. Speed: 40km/h
Net Weight: 637.5kg
Max. Load: 400kg
Dimension: 2968*1290*2003mm
Charger: In/Off board, Enpower, 20A/25A
Charge Time: 8-12h
Endurance Mileage: >80KM
Min.Turning Radius: r<2.5m
Max. Grade Ability: <30°
Ground Clearance: 160mm
Direction Control: Helical Rack&Pinion
Tyre Size "off road 23*10.5-14"
Wheel Base:1700mm
Wheel Tread (Front/Rear): 900mm/980mm
Transaxle: 12.31:1
Frame Material: Aluminum
Brake: Oil Press Rear Disc or 4 Wheel Disc Brake+ Electronic Parking Brake

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