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Featured For Sale Merch section now active

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by OUTL4W, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. I've added a merchandise section in the tabs section above. Shirts only for now. May add more items later depending on demand.

    You can adjust the size & placement of the images on the shirt by simply selecting the "Customize" option. For the next 10 days there is a 15% discount.
  2. sorry i cant find it
  3. direct link works

    where in the tabs is it ??

  4. shows when you go to direct link

  5. When you click on the 3dots circled in blue, you should see more choices...
  6. when i click them it flashes a black box for 3 sec then nothing
  7. Does the tab show up when on the main forums page?

    May I ask which internet browser do you use?
    ie, chrome/Firefox
  8. Does the tab show up when on the main forums page? no

    i use chrome

    it shows up in edge and firefox
  9. are you on the latest version of chrome?

    also just wanted to let people know that these aren't pics I found on the interwebz somewhere and simply used for the site. I had these custom designed. Below are the rough drafts of these images before final colorization...

  10. latest chrome


    i got the yellow !!!
    • Love It! Love It! x 1
  11. got mine !!!

  12. THANK YOU!!
  13. no thank you ...

    hats ??
  14. Thank you....Sir....you just earned yourself a shiny new "Donator" badge located under your avatar!

    might want to check again...;)
    unfortunately i have no control over price though.
  15. that was not there when i ordered ... but ill have to wait or sale
  16. Kidding....just added it to the store.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. just noticed...20% off ends today...aw dammit
  19. crap

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