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Fuel pouring from pcv pcv

Discussion in 'EZ-GO' started by Zot, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. I purchased a poorly running gas cart. Replaced fuel pump. Set valves. Cleaned carb. Set float tiny bit lower. Every try at operating its dumping fuel into the motor and gushing from the crankcase by way of the pcv.
    Please someone guide me as to what I need to do now
  2. I'm thinking the float is stuck open
    i rarely adjust the float

  3. Thanx for the reply. My thoughts exactly so I did just that, but still overfueling? I've ordered a new carb, I'll try/eliminate that as a problem
  4. that's good
    i just put a carb on a Yamaha g9 gasser that was giving the guy fits ... running like a new cart
    i also changed air & gas filters and a new spark plug ...
  5. #5 Zot, Oct 30, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2019
    Made him a happy camper
    I'm awaiting ebay carb then I'll try the process again and report. I believe previous owner cranked down on mixture screw till it ruined, it was all the way down and had to use pliers to loosen.

    One sad factor was 1st fuel dump, I had to clear all the gas from oil and crankcase.. Did my refill (1.5qts) and it dumped fuel again into my nice fresh oil change! Grr!

    And one more thought for those that can relate: I went to my local Cart shop to purchase the fuel pump and hopefully get some advice at the counter... They charged $70 for the item. I have my own biz to run and I get it, overhead, payroll, etc... But not $70 for a measly pump. I like the idea that my local purchase goes towards a better tomorrow rather than lining the pockets of bad people.

    I'll never go back there, bad review written, and I'll discourage anyone who'll listen not to go there. When the choice is $11 ebay part VS arrogant over pricing... Well, I pity the foo'
  6. yes eBay is good but have had few bad parts
  7. New carb installed she ran like a champ for about 5 miles then starving for fuel. I bypassed the vacuum actuated pump, and put a bolt in the vac line. Installed 12v electric fuel pump from AutoZone to the on/off portion of the keyed switch. Running great now.
    The pcv is the 4 bolt type and I can't get to one of the bolts due to engine mount.
  8. running is good

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