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New Batteries Don't Always Come Fully Charged
In fact, by the time installation of the new battery is complete, its charge will most likely be hovering between 70 - 75%. Golf cart batteries often have what is called a "break-in period" when you first bring them home, in which following a few simple steps can up their overall lifespan. Here's what you should do:

  • Plug in your charger and leave everything alone until the charger shuts off on its own.
  • Take your new cart out for a drive, but make sure you have it back to charge once it's at around 50% battery life.
  • Charge it back up to 100%.
  • Repeat this step a few times, and you'll begin to notice a change in how long and far your battery can go between charges.
After this, you'll have passed the "break-in period" and your battery will be good to go.

Keep It Charged
As we mentioned in an earlier post, letting the charge on your batteries run too low, or going too long between recharges, can cause serious long-term damage and lead to you needing to replace your battery long before its natural lifespan would have run out. It's important to make sure you charge your golf cart's battery every time you've finished using it. Any extended use could wear the charge down quickly and leave you stranded at best or with a nonfunctioning battery at worst.

Because of the way golf cart batteries are made, they will lose charge over time even if the golf cart isn't being actively used. That's why we heavily suggest checking on your cart regularly, at least once or twice per month, even in the colder months when you may not even be using it. Just make sure the battery stays charged all year round.

Take Time to Water Them
It's true — golf cart batteries need semi-regular watering to ensure proper operation. Make sure you use distilled water, as tap water contains traces of chemicals that can be harmful to batteries in the long run. You'll want to check at least once every over month to ensure the water level is at appropriate levels, and fill to about 1/4" to 1/2" above the metal plates. Some gurgling or bubbling is normal during the charging stage.

Whatever you do, don't let the water level run all the way down. This will cause your battery to overheat and may even start a fire!
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