MCOR / Pedal Assembly Confusion Explained

MCOR / Pedal Assembly Confusion Explained

MCOR / Pedal Assembly Confusion Explained
It seems that every single day I'm getting numerous emails and private messages about this very topic so I'm going to post a new thread and explain it all. Hopefully this helps you guys out.



MCOR1 - Part Number 102101101 - This was the DS MCOR found on all DS models since the introduction of the MCOR in 2001 until the MCOR3 came out in 2012. It is now an obsolete part number and is no longer manufactured. If you need to replace one of these you must order a conversion kit.

MCOR2 - Part Number 102528501 - The original Precedent MCOR. It is exactly the same as the MCOR1 internally. Externally, it mounts differently and has a different input shaft. It will only work on Precedent models. Will not fit on anything else.

MCOR3 - Part Number 103850401 - Obsolete, Replaced with MCOR4. If your vehicle is equipped with one of these, an MCOR4 will work as a direct replacement.

MCOR4 - Part Number 105116301 - The newest version of the MCOR. Works on both DS and Precedent models. However, if the vehicle isn't currently equipped with an MCOR3 or MCOR4, you must order a conversion kit to make it fit. Details Below


PEDAL ASSEMBLY (Precedent Only)

There are two different styles of pedal assemblies for Precedents. I've attached a photo of both to help identify which one you have.

Generation 1 Pedal Assembly - Uses MCOR2 only. MCOR3 and MCOR4 will not fit. Period.

Generation 2 Pedal Assembly - Can be used with MCOR2, MCOR3, or MCOR4. If you currently have an MCOR2 that needs to be replaced, you have the option of replacing it with another MCOR2 or ordering the MCOR4 conversion kit. Either way works.



MCOR2 to MCOR4 Conversion Kit for Precedent with Gen2 Pedal Assy - AM293001

MCOR1 to MCOR4 Conversion for DS - AM293101

V-Glide or Potbox to MCOR4 Conversion for DS - AM293201


Notes: If you have a 2009 Precedent, read this. If not, it doesn't apply.

In 2009 Club Car attempted to eliminate the MCOR2 and used a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). It didn't work out and production stopped by 2010. 2009 Vehicles were supposed to all be swapped back to an MCOR2. This was a warranty repair. However, I've seen lots of 2009 vehicles still equipped with the TPS. If you have it, convert it. It's going to cause you trouble down the road.

2009 Vehicles that were converted from a TPS to an MCOR2 will have a small adapter (PHOTO ATTACHED) plugged into the MCOR. In IQ models, it's simply a plug designed to convert the 6 pin TPS connector to the classic style MCOR2 plugs. In Excel models, this adapter has three 461ohm resistors inside soldered into the three throttle wires. This adapter MUST BE in place or the Excel vehicle will not function properly. In 2008 and 2010-Present the resistors are soldered into the main wire harness and the adapter is not necessary.
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