Forum FAQ's

W.I.P. Forum FAQ's

Forum FAQ's

Here you will find frequently asked questions on how to use the forum. If you have any others don't hesitate to ask...

1. Options for Creating a thread
There are different options on how to create a thread from the main forums page:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

2. Quoting a message

How to quote part of a message


3. Tagging

How to "TAG" another member on the forum:

Tagging another member here on the forum is similar to Twitter's use of the "@". Simply type @ then the member username:


4. Sidebar

How do I open/close the side-bar?

How do I open the navigation & sidebar on mobile?

5. Mobile Uploads

How do I upload pics from phone:
A. when posting a reply or creating a thread.

*FYI - if keep receiving the error "image is too large..". the forum can not handle "Live" photos from Apple or Google. A work around is to "Screen Cap" the specific images and then upload to your thread

6. Tools-Bar

If you don't like the tools-bar that is fixed to the left side of the screen


then visit your preferences tab within your avatar drop-down menu above.


Choose Yes or no to show the tools-bar


7. User Badges

I bet you're wondering what those little m&m type badges located under your avatar in user messages are:


8. Enable Push Notifications

you can enable push notifications under your "preferences" setting in the drop down menu above.


scroll down about half way and tap "Enable Push Notifications"

1598154657119.png this site can bother the shit out of you with little popup messages when you receive notifications. This does not work on Apple devices, damn you Apple.

9. Sort Resources/Threads by Makes/Models.
You can sort Resources & threads simply by tapping on the desired Make/Model prefixes attached to threads...

10. Embedding Video's
This site is capable of embedding videos from numerous media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Simply click on the "Drop down menu"(blue arrow), then select "Media" (red arrow) then paste your link in to the field provided.


A pop-up window will appear that shows all the approved sites where you then can paste your media link


11. Garage

how to add your golf cart to your Garage

12. Resources

how to add a resource

13. Add Profile Cover

After accumulating 30 will be allowed to add up to 3 profile pics to your profile page.

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