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I need help! I bought a used club car precedent, gas. It has an aftermarket body/light kit. I'm upgrading the lights to led with blinkers and brakes. Whoever did the work prior to me hacked the wiring harness. I have the replacement plug to rebuild but I need to know which holes the wires go into for the 9 pin lighting harness; I currently have 9 loose wires.
The new kit has different color wires so I can't just match it up.
I have diagrams but htey don't indicate which wires go into which holes in the plug.
If anyone can get me a couple pictures showing the wires going into the plug it would be a huge help.
The plug is behind the dash panel that comes off with 3 screws. It is the male 9-pin coming from the main harness. (This image is a screenshot from a youtube video. )

Assistance is greatly appreciated!


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