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Gas What gas octane level should I run in my golf cart?

Discussion in 'Other Resources' started by OUTL4W, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Golf cart manufacturers recommend running only 87 octane gasoline. If you are located in a high altitude level, or running your golf cart under high loads or heavy use you may benefit from a higher octane gasoline.

    Octane determines the rate in which gasoline burns. A higher octane makes the fuel burn slower, and vice versa.
  2. I've seen now many small engine manufactures recommending use of stabilizer with all fuel to help ward off effects of the booze that many states require to be blended into the gas
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  3. which fuel stabilizer do you recommend?
  4. OK I have a quick question. I drive my golf cart around the majority of the day given people a ride from the hotel to the river to Beale Street back-and-forth. Sometimes when I press down on the gas pedal it’s like it’s not getting gas It kind of sputters and then takes off would that be because I use 87 in my tank should I use a better gas. Couple days ago I had the fuel lines replaced because they were corroded it seems to be better but not 100%. Any suggestions?
  5. i would run a little gas treatment once a month but no higher than 87 octane
  6. Kool thank you! Yesterday I hit a pothole so hard I broke the brake drum thought was axle had a friend pull off tire and check for me ! Seemed like I was having a problem with golf cart not going forward like I felt like it wasn’t getting gas but I seemed to keep flooding it so apparently it was getting gas so you think once I fix this brake drum which moves the cart forward that my other isssue will stop? Does that question make sense?
  7. yes .. when sputtering i'd not think the brakes would be the problem
    Please help!!!!! Had the cart couple weeks hit a bad bump broke brake drum ordered it replaced it two days later same part same side broke again the place I ordered part from said that carrying a lot of weight on cart and repeatedly going up hills that I’m gonna run into that problem! I was wondering 1. Is there a solution for this issue & 2. Could it be because there’s a lift kit on the golf cart? Like it sits extremely high up almost too much for my customers to get in and out I carry a stool with me to help the older ones! Wondering if I removed the lift kit would it help the brake drum any? I’ll post photo but I also can post another one if I need to if a closer look on how high it sits
  9. 1. Is there a solution for this issue & 2. Could it be because there’s a lift kit on the golf cart?
    1 yes heavy duty hubs
    2 no it is the load you're carrying
    remember it is a golf cart designed for golf clubs and 2~4 people

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