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What are you doing right now?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by OUTL4W, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. me?
    Just hanging out with my lil buddy whose taking a nap.

  2. E646D801-690B-4588-804C-7C21EA7BF115.jpeg
    Today...cooking up a juicy London broil...
  3. just did a brake job on a 90 club car... got a western to do later
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  4. Spotted a model 400 down the road from me for sale...pretty rough shape though.
  5. got a 99 ezgo cheep gona flip it
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  6. Would be great if you made a thread on the progression of that flip...
  7. Ahh....it’s beautiful day in PA...to smoke.....some meats. Came to camp today and have a little feast. Threw a couple briskets and pork loins on the treager to smoke. Hopefully done by 4. Suppose to storm tonight though.

    I’m not a very social person but since this site is small, not that many will see it anyways o_O


    Will update when done...
  8. oh man !! my mouth is wattering !!!!
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  9. Update for last weekend...pretty much a washout. Finished the cooking back at home. Didn’t even stay the night. And Sunday was a complete washout here in Pa.

    But this weekend looks damn good soooo I think I’ll try again smoking another brisket tomorrow. Today I took a personal day from work and have off Monday. So getting an early start to camping this weekend. Just hanging out with my bud waiting on the wife to get off work.....

  10. got some plants in home.png
  11. Looking very nice, sir

    Making campfire stir fry for dinner...hmmmm
    Love campfire cooking...

  12. Got up at the butt-crack of dawn and threw it on and now 4 hrs in and getting ready to wrap it for the remainder...


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