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This is a brand new forum. So there is little content until more members join to help everyone else. Please consider joining and help in the discussion.

You won't need an ad-blocker for this forum as we don't run ANY adverts. This forum is completely advert/popup free for your enjoyment.

Do you have a hobby for golf cart customization's? Then join and discuss with other golf cart fans that share the same interest.

This site was created out of the fun of modding my own Golf Carts and thought there isn't really any other site that is mobile friendly for modding our own mobile interests.

The site is a little basic at the moment but stick around as more features come online to help showcase your own Wild Buggies.

I'm keeping the site advert free for the time being until such that traffic warrants upgrading to a new server. But if you happen to have a few extra quarters lying around, hit the donate button in the footer below and buy me a captain n' coke, would be much appreciated.

Site Rules:
  • No politics
  • Members uploaded images could be used in the background of forum tiles found on the main page here.
  • No politics
  • No politics
  • Cursing is allowed as long as it’s not directed towards any other members.
Love the site man. It's nice and clean and no adverts up in your face. Almost wish that not too many people do sign so you don't have to upgrade and put up ads to pay for server costs. :D

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Wild Buggies is a golf cart enthusiast community, with some hot rod/retro/ratrod enthusiasts peppered in, which is committed to providing a safe and effective communications platform related to the industry.


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