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Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by crash test dummy, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. over.png
  2. RABBIT.png

    Last night on my evening walk, I completely lost my mind because ahead of me was a white rabbit sitting upright, waiting for me on my path. I could not believe it.

    I took out my phone to take its photo. It didn't move, I wondered if it was an early Easter decoration, but it was too far down on the road and not in front of a home.

    I thought--it's frightened so it's staying still, take it slow. I walked up to it little by little, carefully, not to frighten it. Friends, I just spent a very slow ten minutes walking up to a plastic bag of dog poop.

    I'm not sure what social distancing is doing to you, but I'm apparently hallucinating white rabbits...
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  10. Not a funny, haha, but a funny weird.

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  12. that's awesome!!!
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