ClubCar Recently bought 2 old club cars to get around the homestead

I have been addicted to speed my entire life. I raced for about 20 years and ran 10's mostly but could run 8's on NOS. I built that car in the back yard. Drove it on the street for 17 out of those 20 odd years and NEVER got a single speeding stop or ticket. Just because you have the ability to go fast all the time doesn't mean you have to use it! But it's nice to have the ability. I've got it going about 20 now according to GPS.

As for torque and speed what I have in mind will increase both the usable torque and the top end speed. Nothing crazy fast maybe 40-45 about the same as all these old four wheelers ran.

In all honesty I expected to die many years ago in some sort of fiery crash going 150+

I will probably copy something like that using my factory rear seat and modifying it.


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Hadn't made it over here in awhile. Been busy as a bee building a small pond here.

Golf cart is doing great it's a real workhorse! I carried about 7 loads with it today. Including a wheelbarrow 10 bags of feed 2 bags of concrete lord only knows how many tools.

I decided to check the BMS yesterday to see how many cycles the battery has had now that it's been in a few months. 15 cycles is all it shows. Twice this week the voltage was a little higher than I like seeing it but that's okay. One of these days I'll figure out how to program the charge controller so it cuts off a little earlier. Long as I stay on my property I am not having to hook up a battery charger. I can even go the 4 miles round trip to the neighbors once or twice a week without needing to actively charge as long as the weather is decent. So I have to give the solar panel and LifePO4 battery a HUGE thumbs up since everything is working well past my expectations!

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