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I have 08 club car precedent 48volt will bad bearings in rear end cause the cart to go slow? The rear end seemed to be in a bind but seems to fixed it self but now cart is slow and it cuts off if you release pedal and press pedal again it takes back off

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does not sound like bearings... more like controller fault
Due to their expense, you want to be sure your controller is the major reason and problem with your Club Car. First off, if your controller is bad, your vehicle won’t run. However, there are other reasons that could lead to your vehicle not running. Here are a few quick troubleshooting tips.

  • Make sure it isn’t your batteries! If your batteries are old and dead, then your golf cart will not operate. Charge them fully first and attempt to drive the unit.
  • If your batteries are fully charged and your vehicle won’t run, when you press on the accelerator pedal, then you should hear a clicking sound which will indicate the solenoid is engaging and allowing power to flow to your controller. If there is no distinct clicking sound, then check your solenoid. Also, it could have to do with something in the accelerator device as well. But, we can eliminate the controller as being defective.
  • If your batteries are fully charged and you get a clicking sound ensuring the solenoid is allowing power to flow to the controller, then you can begin inspecting the controller
  • Check all the wiring and signs of disconnection or damage. Also, most controllers will have an operation light that will begin to flash a morse code that will unveil the secrets of the problem. If that is the case and all of the above have been eliminated, then you are getting closer to determining it is the controller.
If you do get a troubleshoot code off the controller, then we recommend finding the corresponding Club Car manual and identify the correct part number to find info for the manufacturer of the controller which will tell you what the morse code on the controller is indicating is wrong.
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