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New member intro

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Stretch, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Hi, I am a keen golfer with a club car precedent. I live in Australia. My cart suffered flood damage, submerged to height of back seat rest. I have been fixing it up over the last couple of months. I have joined this forum for tips with issues I may have and for advice on best places to purchase parts from.
  2. Welcome, Stretch...congrats...you're the 1st Aussie here....enjoy your stay.
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  3. [​IMG]

    as for parts Australia is a long way away to ship .. but we will help as much as we can

    is it electric or gas ??
  4. Hey, it is electric. I purchased a new controller from Ev Drives (Alltrax) from the states, paid $170 delivery and still cheaper than buying from here. Not sure if I should also replace motor, it does work but feels a little jittery. Not sure of cause, it's been sitting idle for a couple of months. Looked ok when I pulled it all apart and cleaned it up. Maybe just needs a good run....any thiughth?
  5. if it was freash water it will be ok ...you might want to change the brushes
    salt water .. junk the cart there will be corrosion problems down the road

    about 3 years ago a "lady" brought me a Precedent that was drunkenly driven in to a pond and sat over night
    i replaced the controller and batteries , cleaned motor ,changed the differential oil, greased the ball joints , blew out all wireing plugs and sprayed the breake springs with WD40
    it is still going strong today
    his is the intro area so start a new thread in the club car electric forum
    if you need more help or parts ... i know a guy ...LOL
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