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Do you like customizing your golf cart? Or anything else you deem as a Wild Buggy. Or just looking for help with any issues? join and we'll help each other, it takes less than 30 seconds! Everybody is welcome here. This Notice will disappear once Registered!

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Monster cart

  1. Monster cart with at least three different models of equipment. Working on getting wiring done.
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  2. Holy shit, man, that’s an extreme lift! What do you use to climb on?
  3. step up on tire(about 31") then swing in. need to look into a ladder for the back:D
  4. [​IMG]
    my idea ... rool up under drivers side ... secure with bungee cord
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  5. so it looks like two marathon bodys. a ds front nose. and i think a precedent wiring harness. have been working on the harness does anyone know wher the black wire with the bullet connector goes, do i just plug them together?
  6. yes that is the ground for reducer
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  7. Cart next to sons rzr 170. Cart is 8'6" to top of rear roll cage. 20180910_180745.jpg
  8. [​IMG]
  9. 36volt or 48volt?
  10. 48v has 6 year old 6x8volt for testing. battery tray was made to hold 8x6volt.
  11. a precedent wiring harness.
    precedent only came in 48 v ... it being a hybred it could be 72 v ...lol
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  12. the motor is 36-48-72, but all the rest is 48. want to get up and running befor i go dumping money into it. as of right now i only have about 900 into it right now.
  13. for long runs go back to the 8~6v the 6~8v is less weight ,,, don't use 12v
  14. Also just FYI...I prolly should put this as a disclaimer that any images uploaded could/will be used in the panels on the main forum page. The images in these blocks will change randomly when visiting the forum. If not wanting them to show up, just let me know.
  15. thats fine with the pics. just have to figure out the loading. a little confused. would be eazyer to browse my files, rather then trying to giuge out the file name.
  16. harness looks like it is set up for obc. (as its a precedent) do i have to put one in? im using a yewy charger.
  17. no ..OBC only tells the charger what amout of voltage you used
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