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TXT 36v Jim

Discussion in 'EZ-GO' started by Jim, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. B742F64D-1239-444A-9FC5-CDB9A1B9BC56.png

    I'm assuming that you remove
  2. I'm assuming you remove all the wires from the posts to perform this test and if so what about the wire coming off the end of the motor,it's gray?
  3. I recently added a new speed pedal micro switch and a new stock solenoid, but the solenoid does not click when I try to start it?
  4. Jim...you need to start your own thread in the model you have
  5. jim you asked aout a gray wire coming out of end of motor ?...
  6. Do I need to remove it as well as all the other wires connected to the motor in order to test the motor?
  7. It is attached to the end of the motor where the terminals are
  8. How do I do that,I already added all my info along with a pic of my cart.
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  9. Apparently it’s a shunt wound motor
  10. yes remove all the cables and wires ... remember to use 2 wrnches on the cales so it does not break the wires inside the motor
    you will use the above instructions for a shunt motor ( if it is )
    please take a photo and post it
    i have never seen another wire on a 36v ezgo txt ..
    you put this in the right area !! good jo b...

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