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Hey guys and gals.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by David, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Thanks for the add. I’m new to the golf car would. Hope to learn from u all.
  2. Welcome David,

    Hope to see you around the forum. May I ask how you found us?
  3. DAVID.png
    CRAP ... another David !!!
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  4. I was googling on how to fix my golf car and this site kept popping up. Now I’m having trouble creating a thread. It keeps wanting me to upload a picture. Then it says the file is to big.
  5. try signing out and signing in

    you need to resize your photo
  6. I’m going to working on that thanks. U know some about Yamaha G19E?
  7. yea .. i worked on a few
  8. Trying to find out how the controller works. What’s the out put of the A1 A2 F1 and F2 to the motor. So I can see if the controller is working properly.

  9. Any new garage items are moderated. Sorry, But the garage is not the place to ask for technical help. This garage area is the place for members to showcase their various buggies.

    You would want to post your issue here:

    But I believe crash already answered your question.

    I believe I had image restrictions on for new members which might have been the reason. Oopsy...try uploading.again.
  10. OMG ???
    you're in deep ship !!
  11. I got it to work. Had to compress the picture down. Thanks.

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