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Dazzle Ride

Check out a short clip this recent build featuring some of our signature light kits here: Dazzle Ride Intro Video

Dazzle Ride offers the highest quality best performing and feature rich collection of LED lighting kits, audio and other accessories custom tailored for golf carts. We have fabricated wheel light kits sized for carts and mounting kits for popular golf cart models. We have small footprint media servers with controls for volume, skipping and selection as small as one rocker switch space. We have had manufactured for us proprietary formulated speaker rings that smoothly diffuse individual light points while remaining bright. All of our signature light kits can sync together in our app and run all of the complex chasing, reversing, collecting and other patters, sync to music and change to other patterns in unison (or not if you choose to create multiple groups). We offer 4G hard wired tracking for fleets or your individual carts with no re-charging ever needed, no subscriptions and the lowest monthly fee available. We can create custom badging for wheel caps, steering wheel centers and raised letter dealer logos for individual carts or fleets, and much more. Please check us out at We now sell direct to the public to but still welcome new dealer inquiries.

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