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Gas vs Electric - which powered golf cart do you prefer and why?

Discussion in 'General Golf Cart discussions' started by OUTL4W, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Gas

  2. Electric

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  1. Personally I prefer electric...quieter and for me more reliable than gas.
  2. I chose gas...since you can go longer distances. And where my uncle camps there are no hookups unless you bring a generator.
  3. I have a permanent spot at local campground myself.
  5. I prefer electric. Quieter, don’t have to haul gas. Each has its pros an cons.
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  6. Yamaha gas. Easier to get to go faster to keep up with the dog on her runs. G19 was cheaper than other options. Has had a few issues.
  7. I'm totally a gas man. In all my years I've had 4 batteries explode - 2 with a little help and 2 spontaneously just blew up. Get a drop of gas in your eye and it's going to irritate the p-ss out of it. Get a drop of battery acid in your eye and you could go blind.
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  8. #8 crash test dummy, Apr 8, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
    not to argue about it but... batteries do not explode on there own ... you need some kind of sparke near the vent gas to blow it up
    i've seen quite a few blown ones and 90% are loose cable making a spark at te pot 9% a cable is fraided and sparks
    only one stupid guy dropped a lit ciregitte on a battery and the explotion was powerful , i actual was in the shop when it happened

    here is photo

    always wear safety glasses when working on ANY cart

    i do like the electric carts over the gas for the over all use
    as for mods there is very little differance
    oh you can make eather go 50 mph .. but why ? it's a golf cart

    shepard you can say piss ...lol
  9. at work gas over electiric as we work 10hr days. at home electric over gas as i usually drive less then 8 miles in a day and am almost always by a oulet to recharge if need be.
  10. Gas. Who wouldn’t want gas? The feel of power and the engine revving. Could you imagine getting into an old Mustang, Camero or Mopar and stepping on the throttle to rev it up? Click it’s electric. Or feel it as it revs up.o_O
  11. . Could you imagine getting into an old Mustang, Camero or Mopar and stepping on the throttle to rev it up?

    yep i can't imagine it


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