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Yamaha G19e

Discussion in 'Misc. Electric Golf Carts' started by David, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. I have a 96 Yamaha G19E 48 volt. Got it from a friend he was the motor was fried. Got the batteries (6 8 volts) to hold around 49.44 volts. Took the motor apart cleaned it real good. Found a broke wire on one of the studs soldered it back together. Did a bench test ( A1 jumped to F2 and A2 jumped to F2. ). Motor worked. Put it back on the golf car hooked the wire back up and got nothing. Does anyone know how to check the controller? What r the outputs of A1 A2 F1 and F2 going to the motor? Thanks for any help.

  2. there is no way to test a controller without building a controller testing board
    and that is very complicated
    if you could do a rebuild service for less than a new one
    i would test the solenoid first ( do you hear a click when you press the go pedal?)


    here is a wiring diagram for G19E

    yamaha g19e.png
  3. K thanks crash I’m going to check it tomorrow. I think I will pull the motor back off the golf car and try to run the motor using the controller. Maybe the motor is weak. Hopeful thinking I’m sure. But what can it hurt.
  4. I think I will pull the motor back off the golf car and try to run the motor using the controller. Maybe the motor is weak.
    a weak motor will still work with a good controller
    there is no way to run the motor with a controller with it removed
    first, check the solenoid 75% of the time it is a bad solenoid
    check to see if run/tow switch is in run
    see if key switch is working
    check f/r switch
    check go pedal
    check the throttle sensor
    if all check out your controller is bad
  5. Checked tow/run key F/R all have 48. Volts. Not sure how to check go pedal and speed sensor. I’m not getting power to open my Solenoid. Run a hot wire to open solenoid. It opens. Now when I push the go pedal. Motor spins for a second and blows fuse. Disconnected the motor, changed fuse. Jump solenoid push go pedal and no blown fuse. So do u think the motor is bad? Had 48 volts to motor to bench test and motor got hot within seconds. Thanks.
  6. the motor will get warm .. not hot
    what fuse blew?
  7. The little in line fuse 3A ( #11 on the wiring diagram ) that runs to the tow/run switch. Some put a 25A in there. I’ve been looking at the wiring diagram and it looks like the receptacle B+ is on the wrong side of the solenoid which would be why I’m jumping the solenoid. Motor would get hot like not keep ur hand on there hot.
  8. R we call the relay the solenoid. #9 on the wiring diagram. Because the relay stays hot as long as the tow switch is to run. No matter if the key is on or off.
  9. yes it is the solenoid
    sounds like a dead short
    replace the solenoid with a 48v one

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