G19E controller issues


I have been helping a buddy with his Yamaha g19 electric.

He had lead acid batteries in it, which somehow or another got reversed polarity so each one of them had a negative two volts. They were fairly new batteries, so he was able to return them and get a full refund. We chalked it up to a bad charger, and I convinced him not to use lead acid batteries again.

He purchased a 48(51 volt) Roy pow 105 amp hour battery.

We installed it today. And nothing works.

We have 51 volts to the key and reverse forward switch. But when the key is in there is no sound with the forward reverse switch in either direction.

When turned on, there is no voltage to the magnet coils of the solenoid. I disconnect the solenoid and tested it with 48v and it clicks and there is continuity between the main leads... So solenoid works.

My buddy did notice at one point that the positive lead from the battery has been turned so that it was touching one of the inputs to the solenoid. There were no sparks and no burned smells.

I have determine that one of the following occurred:

1) The controller died with the previous dead reverse polarity lead acid batteries.
2) The controller died when the battery+ touched the input on the solenoid.
3) (less likely) there is just a shorted or cut wire somewhere.


1) Is there a pinout diagram available somewhere for the Yamaha 23 pin connector? I would like to check continuity from the connector to the solenoid wires.

2) is there any utility in shorting the solenoid to bypass it? Could the rest of the controller be working but not the solenoid activator? What wouod doing so do? Would it then fall back on the throttle controller to control the motor? (If it is working).

3) What else should we try?


Found the diagram and tested all of my wiring.

Found out that if I turn the battery on and the cart is in run mode, it never activates the solenoid. If I then flip the tow switch to tow mode, and 15 seconds or more later flip it back to run mode then I hear the solenoid activate and the card works fine.

Could this be a capacitor issue somewhere?

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