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Electrical problems

Discussion in 'Club Car' started by Chip price, May 20, 2020.

  1. I purchased a 2006 club car gas precedent and noticed it would start slow sometimes. The belt was slipping so I tighten the belt then the starter destroyed it self. Ordered and new starter and belts. Still it stared slowly. Battery tested very low so replaced it also. Still same thing. Someone said the solenoid could cause this problem so I purchased one. Here’s where the issue happened. When I was changing the solenoid I accedently hit the hot cable on the battery with the orange wire and it sparked. I in stalled the solenoid and soon as I connected the battery the starter began to spin. I traced the orange wire and it has a diode inline and it was blown. Replaced it and now I can connect the battery and the starter won’t spin until I turn the key switch. Thought it might be the gas peddle switch but when I unplug the peddle the key will still spin the starter. I’m out of ideas. Any response will be great. Yes I regret not disconnecting the battery.
  2. recheck solenoid they can weld together
  3. It’s a new one.
  4. yep and they can weld !!!
    seen it a few times
    do you hear solenoid "click " when you turn on key ??
  5. When I turn the key you can hear the solenoid click. I put a meter on it when its off and it’s showing open.
  6. #6 crash test dummy, May 21, 2020
    Last edited: May 21, 2020
    wow ... something is by passing the whole start system and giving you power to starter at at key on
    all i can think of is the micro switches stuck closed ??

    try taking off orange and white wire trace it back to micro switches
    here is the wiring diagram for the gas starter area

    o6 pres gas 2.png

    and here is the whole gas wiring diagram

    06 gas pres.png

    good luck
  7. I disconnected the wire going to the foot pedal and it still does it. Dropping it off at the golf cart shop today. I’m at my limit when I comes to wiring.
  9. Golf cart shop thinks its the GCOR. They have one on order for two weeks now. I don’t think it the GCOR. I was getting a reading with my meter pressing the peddle. They said it was dead. I’ll post when I get it back. If I ever do.
  10. [​IMG]

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