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crash test dummy VS bgw

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by crash test dummy, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. my story
    first open heart surgery (triple bypass) nov last year
    them lost my right leg in feb then my left in july
    me walking last week

    what happened with BGW
    i was:placed in administrative time out (i p address ban) on nov 1 for going head to head with scottyb
    and sending him junk e-mail and even prank calls !!! BUT i did not send him any gorilla crap
    i do know who did and someone is sending him a dead fish on xmas eve

    i have over 14,750 posts on BGW
    i worked on the forum up grade a few years ago with roady
    i am friends with dozens of guys & gals

    i am very open and honest and thats why i got a "time out " but im done with them
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  2. Working them legs like a boss. poopsender.com has been bookmarked- LoL. BGW was updated? And it’s still horrible on mobile. The same guys who developed the forum software for BGW also developed this forums software when they left during the VB4 days.

    Glad to see you made your way here though.
  3. yea in 2015

    mobile is just taptalk
  4. tapatalk is an issue in its self. But using the BGW site directly from mobile is just as horrible as using tapatalk. I manage another forum that use to be on vb3.8.7 which I liked very much but was just horrible on mobile as we had issues with tapatalk so we upgraded it to xenforo same as this site.

    But anyhoooo thanks for joining and can I ask how you found the site?
  5. was googelig buggies gone wild it was on the page
  6. Hope you’re feeling better, bud.
    i was demoted to a newbe .. my 14,988 post count were removed
    my pm privledge were taken away my signature and all
    8 years of note pad stuff wipe out some Irreplaceable stuff
    some of my posts were removed along with some photos ..cause i was wearing my wild buggies shirt


    oh well i'm sure they can do without me i will remain a member and watch but not going to help anymore

  8. wow...sorry to hear this. No rules stating you can’t be a member of more than 1 same niche forum to spread your help. And much appreciated you picked this one along with the others who are members of bgw.. It’s not like the pic of the shirt showed an actual website address. Sure hope this doesn’t happen to the others who signed up from BGW or inhibit them from posting.
  9. yea .. i know a few who just keep it quiet
  10. Shhh:eek:
  11. yea it's a permanet ban now
  12. That's why I logged in here. Missed ya. :p
  13. [​IMG]

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