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Controller gone bad?

Discussion in 'EZ-GO' started by Lmathies, May 20, 2020.

  1. My golf cart suddenly stopped working. It has power. All components look good. Do controllers typically go out all at once or do they gradually get worse?
  2. no they go all at once
  3. The motor brushes and bearing were bad and the brushes were "cleaned up" and the bearing replaced. Could this damage in the motor helped to cause the controller go out.

    Again, if I tested correctly, the controller ha 27 V initially and ramped up to 37 and then back down to 27 as I pressed the accelerator.

    I think I will just buy the motor and controller and be done with them.
    My cart is lifted with large tires and has the back seat. Only 2 people ever on it maybe a few bags of garden mulch on the back seat sometimes and flat terrain in my yard. The original motor worked fine for years. Do I need to upgrade the motor and controller based on my cart's configuration to not over stress the motor / controller or would stock replacements be sufficient in your opinion? Trying to not spend more than needed right now but will spend what I have to.

    Thanks for all of you help, I really appreciate it.
  4. Got an Alltrax controller, and Admiral motor.

    The controller included the FN-KS module for mode select on the fly (kinda nice for when I am hauling stuff vs. wanting to drive fast) - Just need to find a good spot to mount it, not sure how well the Velcro on it will hold up over time.
  5. VELCRO ???
    oh well if it works ... where did you mount it ?
  6. Still deciding where to mount it. Maybe below the seat where thee is a rubber bushing through the wall to the battery compartment, or on the firewall below left of the steering wheel column. I was hoping some other people may have installed these and could offer some suggestions.
  7. most put on fly control on dash somewhere
    under seat can get bumped by kids ... just sayin
    where did you mount controller ?
  8. I mounted the Alltrax where the original Controller was mounted.

    The dash was my first choice but I don't trust the Velcro. I'll just have ti figure out a better method to attach it.

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