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Club car electric

Discussion in 'Trouble-Shooting' started by David, May 7, 2020.

  1. At first pushing the pedal golf car takes off. Then slows down. Only runs 6 mph. What would be the ohms to check the pedal? Or is they anything else I need to check. Thanks.
  2. Batteries r at 48.4 not fully charged have two bad batteries but should still test right. I think.

    Meter on volts

    Hot probe to hot battery neg probe to purple wire 48.4

    Neg probe to neg battery. Hot probe to white wire 4.63

    Neg probe to battery. Hot probe to yellow wire pedal not pressed .33 pedal fully pressed 4.57

    Meter on ohms

    Hot probe to yellow wire. Neg probe to purple wire. Pedal up .99. Pedal fully pressed Acts like meter is not hooked up. O.L
    If I reverse the hot and neg probes
    Neg probe to yellow and hot probe to purple. pedal up 1.05 and pedal fully pressed 3.62.

    Hot probe to yellow wire. Neg probe to white wire pedal up 3.62. Pedal fully pressed .362.
    If I reverse the hot and neg probes. neg probe to yellow and hot probe to white. Pedal up no ohms like it not hooked up. Pedal fully pressed .39
    It’s a gen 1 pedal set up.
  3. D6007922-6686-4D5C-9350-986A3CA0EDE6.jpeg
  4. no
    you need fully charged GOOD batteries
    go get all new batteries and then check if cart is dropping out
  5. gen 1 is 2004 to 2007

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