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48v Chargers.

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by David, May 11, 2020.

  1. Does anyone know if u can use a club car 48 volt charger, on a different band golf car? I have a Yamaha G19 48 volt. My charger went out. Found one for a club car 48 volt. All I should have to do is change the plug?
  2. NO .. the OME Cub Car charger works off the OBC ( on broad computer ) it tells the charger how much to charge the club car cart ... find an Ezgo or Yamaha 48V it can be used with Yamaha plug
  3. 16206BFB-D3D7-442F-9978-D6A7E4947720.png Thanks. 17A68396-A8B9-40F1-8286-0DD4B5486FE8.jpeg
  4. How good is this charger? Have u ever used one? It’s a 5 amp charger. I know it will take longer to charge.
  5. yea they are not for golf carts ... you need more power to charge them 15=+ amps
  6. U keep hurting my feel. Lol. Thank for the help. I don’t want to buy a charger that will not work right. They sure don’t give those chargers away.
  7. F911DB04-240B-426F-AF0C-81BF2F6ACC0A.jpeg
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  8. #8 crash test dummy, May 12, 2020
    Last edited: May 12, 2020
    yea !!!! thats the ticket

    before you buy ???

    what was old charger doing when plunged in ??
    what is the voltage on your cart ( the whole pack)
    check plug and recpitical for corrosion
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  9. Whole pack never when under 48. Charger would come on run the cycle. The incomplete light would come on and that was it. The charger on light would not come on. Open the charger up, took the board out. Checked it all. Did not see anything burnt. Put back together. Charged my batteries with my 24 volt charger. ( batteries 6 8 volt ) Did 3 and 3. Today I have 50 volts. Just plugged the charger in. Ran it’s cycles clicked and came on.
  10. F57EE118-9E8B-40EF-A237-793B572FB747.jpeg 6A2D570E-F8F9-4AC8-8965-6D9F15126EB5.jpeg
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  11. That’s my baby. The club car I’m working on is my son-in-laws.
  12. cool cart

    i bet your cart was under the 47.2 volts for charter to turn on
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  13. I hope that was the case. I should have put my volt meter to the batteries. Instead of going off the battery meter. Thanks for all the help. I’m sure I’m be talking to u again, on the club car.
  14. i'll be here
  15. Well charger is doing it again. Put volt meter on it 48.5. Had the computer on the controller, (Alltrax XCT 500amp) volts read 48.5. Took the computer off. Plugged the charger in and nothing. Runs it’s cycle. Incomplete light comes on. Charger clicks. That’s it.
  16. F85DC69D-3748-43BB-9E0E-63CFE86C4AC4.jpeg
  17. B505F892-D680-43A7-9A7A-FEE1B69D022F.jpeg
  18. ok... open it up again look at wires coming out of the relay i have seen them melt off
    while inside check all wires and conections
    clean your plug and receptacle
    make sure all your battery cables are good ... give them a wiggle
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  19. Sorry it took so long to get back. Got busy with baseball and a few side projects. LOL took everything apart. Cleaned all connections on charger and golf cart. So far so good. Charger is working like it should. Thanks again for the help.
  20. noproblem ... we all get busy at times

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