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BBB Engine Brake

Discussion in 'Trouble-Shooting' started by Douglas Duke, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. I have a bad Boy Buggy Classic. I think its a 2007 model. I have been restoring it for a couple of months now. Yesterday I replaced the batteries with 6 8V Trojan batteries. It had 8 6V batteries prior. Well, now that I have good batteries the cart moves pretty well. I was getting up to about 15 MPH and the headlights did not dim when I hit the gas.

    So now that the cart moves pretty well, I have found the engine brake will almost put you through the windshield if you let off the gas. There is an engine brake switch on the dash but it doesn't seem to turn off the engine brake. Since I don't intend to go off road at all, I would like to just disable the engine brake completely. Does anyone know how I can accomplish this?
  2. as i read it the engine brake is only when the cart is off
    try turning off cart and rock it ... then turn on engine brake ... should not move
    here is a diagram i had in my collection BBB 06


    i would check the front brakes
    also turn the 4x4 off
    last resort disconnect the front motor
  3. No, that is not the case with my cart. The engine brake stops the cart when the accelerator is released. There is an on/off switch on the dash that is supposed to turn this off. The switch does not turn it off and the cart brakes very hard when the gas is released it almost puts you through the windshield if your not ready for it.

    There are no brakes on the front wheels, and the 4x4 switch is set to "auto".

    How would I go about disconnecting the front motor?
  4. disconnect the A1 cable on the front motor ... remember use 2 winches on the motor stud

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