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Bad Boy 2012 XTO

Discussion in 'Misc. Electric Golf Carts' started by Jack, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Thanks for letting me join. I need a service manual or a wiring Diagram
    Have one bad controller for sure
    Has anyone changed a Bad Boy to two wheel drive ??
  2. Welcome, Jack. Enjoy your stay.

    Our resident guru crash test dummycrash test dummy might know. I’m traveling atm and don’t have access to all my wiring diagram pdf’s.
  3. Thank You
    Please remember me when you get back
  4. #4 OUTL4W, Apr 2, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
    not sure if this helps...but attached a couple pdf's. As far as turning the BB into 2wheel drive not sure why you would want to but thats a bit beyond my expertise but perhaps crash test dummycrash test dummy might know.

    Attached Files:

  5. Thank You These are for a newer cart but are helpful in my learning
  6. i have nnever heard of anyone going back to 2 wheel drive
    i have nothing in my manuals on the badboy buggiees . sorry
  7. The front controler field cables shorted and burned it up
    I only use it for riding around on roads
    The batteries where missing when I got the cart, having problems figuring out the battery connections
    Any help will be greatly appreciated
  8. #8 crash test dummy, Apr 12, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
    ok i just looked over the diagram outl4w posted
    your cart is a 2012 ,,, and voltage ??
    what do you gauge your abilaty to read diagrams ?
    I see nothing that would stop you from running just the rear motor


    remove the A1, A2 , AND S1 cables off front moter the S2 cable stays on to act as a juction

    connect the S2 rear moter cable (green) to the auto / 4wd switch as shown
    it looks very stright forward from there

    here is how i would try

    and let me say... this is only an idea how i might do it .. i take no responcabilty if it blows up bad boys.png

  9. Thanks,

    That diagram is for a newer 2 or 4 wheel drive , mine is all time 4 wheel
    2012 xto 48v
    I am going disconnect the front motor and see what happens
    need to source batteries 8 0r 12 volt ??
  10. i would go with the 8 volts as they will give the best run time
    i am finding the set up for the 48v bab boy is 8 6v batteries

    here is 8v cables


    12v cables


    and the 6v batteries


    your main positive will go to B+ on controller
    your main negative will go to B- on controller
    your charger will also hook up to the main negative and positive
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  11. Thanks
    I will let you know how it turns out, it will be a few weeks
  12. if you are buyng cables try to get better than 6G
    4G is what i run
    0G welding cables are over kill
  13. I was thinking about using 2 ga and making them
  14. yep as long as the crimps are good
  15. What the HELL happened
  16. In contact with host...server backups for some reason are 10x larger than the disk space the forum allocates causing “disk space full” error.

  18. Off topic ~ I have a ticket in to work on it from hostgator...but they apparently haven’t fixed it yet. Yesterday it was 76% full & today it’s @ 88% capacity after only one post was made even though the forum is only approx 12gb out of 250gb total disk space. So it may happen again until they get around to fixing it.

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