97 Club Car DS Speed Issue

Hi All,
I am hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. I have looked through these forums trying to find some answers already and gained a lot of useful information but now I am just at a loss as to how to apply it.

Last year I bought my first golf cart a 97 Club Car DS; its 48v. It had new batteries put in when we bought it. It charges fine, holds a charge well, and according to my multimeter puts out a solid power output

However I feel the speed is a bit slow though the average speed on even grade is about 11-12mph, uphills 9-10mph, and downhill 12-13mph. Which from what I can find this is typical.

My problem is there were a couple of times that the cart has gone CONSIDERABLY faster; I loved that speed we got from it, but it was short lived. I tried to look up what would cause it to be so much faster but no luck.

The pedal seemed "touchy" during these times of increased speed. When letting off the pedal the cart would slow down rapidly (like you hit the brakes) until it reached its normal speed and then slow down like normal. Accelerating seemed to be unaffected, it was pretty smooth...but boy it would get a higher top end. If I had to guess we were doing maybe near 20mph

I have some familiarity with electric circuits and I have a slight understanding of the relationship between Voltage/Amps and a DC motor. However I cannot duplicate these increased speeds episodes. It just seems to happen at random.

Any help would be appreciated.
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