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TXT 2017 EzGo TXT Freedom power loss

Discussion in 'Trouble-Shooting' started by jam215, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. 2017 ezgo TXT Freedom, After 15 minutes of run time cart loses power, barely can go up a small incline. Voltage is over 48v and meter still at full. Is there a common problem with this cart?
  2. after stopping does it go again ?
    to m sounds like controller heating up
  3. I will let it rest for an hour or so, and let you know the result. Thanks
  4. ok
  5. The cart continues to lose power( battery gauge still at about 90%) solenoid seems warm also controller fins but not hot. Is this normal?
  6. yep ... warm is normal ... i suspect the batteries
    check all cables and their connections ... wiggle them and tighten the nuts ( snug them)
    charge the cart fully .. then let it rest for 12-hours
    do a load test on each battery ... all should be in the good range ... any in the weak or bad range should be replaced
    i recommend replacing the whole pack all at once

    battery load tester

    $ 20 harbor freight

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