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  1. Jazz

    Do you own an RV / Camper?

    Me, wife & kids do alot of tent camping. Will eventually buy a camper.
  2. Jazz

    39 Chevy Coupe

    love them wide whitewalls....freaking cool man!
  3. Jazz

    playing in the snow

    Do you run your golf cart in the snow? I live up in northern Cali and my uncle loves driving his buggy out int the snow. I'll ride with him and he like to get a lil wild sometimes.
  4. Jazz

    small give-away for new members

    pm sent
  5. Jazz

    Gas vs Electric - which powered golf cart do you prefer and why?

    I chose gas...since you can go longer distances. And where my uncle camps there are no hookups unless you bring a generator.
  6. Jazz

    Do you take your wild buggy with you on trips?

    My uncle also has a permanent spot for camping and he takes his gas powered Yamaha g19 every time. But I have to load it for him since he's partially paralyzed.
  7. Jazz

    Forum FAQs

    Dang....this site is extremely nice on mobile.
  8. Jazz

    EZ-Go for sale

    wow that is nice. Is that a business that specializes in golf cart customization?
  9. Jazz

    Welcome to WildBuggies & Site Rules

    Love the site man. It's nice and clean and no adverts up in your face. Almost wish that not too many people do sign so you don't have to upgrade and put up ads to pay for server costs. :D
  10. Jazz

    small give-away for new members

    Heck ya...I'll take one of these...thanks man. Should I pm you?
  11. Jazz

    OUTL4W on scene

    I'm not a small engine or dc motor techie either but I'm here.
  12. Jazz

    Drink & driving your golf cart?

    haha...I've done this a couple times too over at my uncle's while driving his Yamaha.
  13. Jazz

    Jazz here

    Well I'm here to help.
  14. Jazz

    Hunter's Delight uncle would love to have one of those. That's pretty bad-ass.
  15. Jazz

    Hunting with buggie?

    I don't hunt but my partially disabled uncle does and he uses a 2000 ez-go 36v golf cart to sneak out to his spot. That damn thing is a ninja as quiet as it is.
  16. Jazz

    Jazz here

    hello, Nice forum but a little sparse at the moment. Thought I would just join to give a hand. My name is Ed, and I live in California. Guess that's it..having a look around and like what I see.
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