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DS IQ or Precedent Speed Sensor Test


I see people explaining daily how to perform a speed sensor test and I think it would be beneficial to have it listed permanently

A little history lesson..

In 2002 Club Car came out with what they called the IQ system. It consists of a shunt wound motor/controller combination much like the older Regen1 and Regen2 (PowerDrive Plus) vehicles. All DS IQ cars have a serial number prefix of "AQ" All Precedents are equipped with either the IQ or Excel system. The excel system functions very similar to the way the IQ system does so this thread applies to them as well. Lots of people get the misconception that you can "Un-Plug" the speed sensor to eliminate their regenerative motor braking. This was true prior to 2002, but after the introduction of the IQ that all changed. If the IQ or Excel system detects that the speed sensor circuit is not working, it triggers a "limp-mode" and will not allow the car to run full speed.

Symptom: Vehicle is extremely slow. It may start off strong, but immediately slow to a crawl. (Around 8 MPH)

Speed Sensor Test procedure: Make sure the car is not in sleep mode. This can be accomplished by driving it a few feet. Just make sure it's running. With F&R Switch in either of the three positions, and Tow/Run switch in the "Run" position, push the vehicle manually to simulate a vehicle roll-away. The "Roll-Away" braking feature will attempt to slow the car to keep it from "Rolling away" This will be accompanied by a series of "Beeps" from the reverse buzzer while the car is slowing itself down. If the vehicle pushes freely with no resistance this will tell you that there is no communication from the vehicle speed sensor to the controller. 99% of the time this means that there is a speed sensor failure. Once it's replaced the car will return to normal working condition.

There are two different motors used on these vehicles. This means there are two different speed sensors as well.

GE motor. This motor is dark grey in color and utilizes a "Snap-in" speed sensor on the end of the motor. OEM# 102265601

ADC Motor. This motor is black in color and is more common. Especially in vehicles built after 2006. The speed sensor is shaped similar to a "Top-Hat" and is held onto the end of the motor by two small bolts. OEM# 102704901

Hope this helps with your diagnosis and repairs.
PER David Hicks - Owner - Revolution Golf Cars

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